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Born in 1960 in Miami, Florida.


       I grew up in South Florida, where my parents gave my sister and I a wonderful childhood. We always had a menagerie of pets in our home. One of those pets was a bunny rabbit we found hopping around Indian Rocks Beach, Florida while on vacation. Time to head back home Mom just packed up the car bunny rabbit and all. Another summer our parents loaned us their car for a summer road trip with a couple of girls while still in high school. A memorable trip we will never forget!


     My love for the mountains started early as a Girl Scout! Our troop saved, worked all year long so our troop could take a road trip to the Appalachian Mountains and Kentucky two summers in a row! We camped in the Smoky Mountains, did some whitewater rafting, slid down a famous rock and crawled through Mammoth Cave in Kentucky.


     My parents always encouraged us to pursue our passion in what ever field of endeavour. They have always supported our choices in life. My early years had me wanting to step into Jane Goodall's shoes leading me to work as a zookeeper for awhile in high school. I changed my major from Zoology to Fine Arts in college. 


      I majored in the Fine Arts at Florida International University where I received a BFA in painting.


     As a student in the BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) program I also studied Drawing, Printmaking, Ceramic, and Fiber and Fabrics!


     I was lucky enough to work for two years at Florida International Art Museum under the director, Dahlia Morgan.  Now a new museum stands as a player in the art world as well as a new name, Frost Art Museum at FIU. Working with major exhibits such as The Armand Hammer Collection allowed me to get up and personal with the masters in the art world. A time I will always remember!


     In addition, I spent a Summer Semester studying painting at the University of Avignon, in France. 


     I now live in Asheville, North Carolina, with my cat named Psycho.  My Husband Frank passed away in Aprill of 2017 from cancer.  His wonderful work can be seen on my FAA page.





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