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Selling with Photography Stock Companies

I just want to state right off the bat that I am by no means an expert in selling stock photography. I sell on two sites, Dreamtime and Can Stock Photo. At one time I sold on FotoFactory too. All three of these companies have no yearly service fee, and gave me some exposure with out laying out a dime.

When you choose questions you should ask:

* How long has the company has been around?

* Who will own the rights to your photo?

* What fees if any will you likely generate from each photo?

*How are you going to be paid for work sold? When can you be paid for your work?

* What percentage will you make on your work?

The reason nothing ever sold on Fotopfactory.

Out there in the Stock Photography world Getty reigns surpreme. Their pay out is 80/20 in Getty's favor, so if you are interested check out:

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